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Heart ain’t a balloon

That day you held my hand and we went to temple
I closed my eyes and prayed to the God there
” Please bless my boy, make him strong and able ;
Give him a long life, I pray to you dear”

As I opened my eyes and looked around,
I could not see you anywhere near
My heart stopped for a while, head swirled
“Where is my boy, Where are you dear”.

For Half an hour there I saw the hell on earth
But at last, I could see you standing there
It was very much like I died and got a re birth
You said : I want that red balloon, mother.

Today I came with you, holding your hand,
My prayers to The God were the same as then,
Then I Looked for you, but could not find
and Alas ! You were nowhere to be seen.

I saw the balloon shop, but you are not there
I searched for you around, but in vain
Asked an old lady there, she said: Dear
I am also in search of my dear Son.

Saw hundreds of ladies there taking rest.
I joined them there, but my dear
I know your sorrow when that balloon burst
Do you know the pain when heart breaks

My poem in response to this pathetic news of Children deserting their aged parents at Guruvayoor temple  !!

Karkidaka Vavu

Remember your parents who lived a life for a you
To see you talk, to make you walk and run.
Do not forget the stories your grandma told you..
Call to mind your Grandpa who made you learn.

Look back ! Your uncles and aunts, siblings, cousins,
Friends and Teachers, how they helped you grow
Had they not supported you with their life
You wouldn’t have become what you are now

The milk you drank, thanks to cows.
The fruit  you ate, hail the tree.
Recall all those plants and animals
who lived not for them, but for thee.

Thousands of  insects crushed under your feet
Hundreds of people suffered for your mistake
You ruined many lives, knowingly or not,
Apologize now and here, before it is late.

Zillions came for your help in all walks of life.
Today is the day, you should thank all of them.
You can not pay them back for what they gave
Least you can do is to spend a day for them


Remember those silly Fights I had with you..
We Roamed the city during rainy seasons too..
You Inspired me at times, bored me as well..
We Erred sometimes, we saw a glimpse of hell..
You called me funny Names, So did I.. …
We did Daring things, which made us feel high..
You made me Study, When I found it harder..
FRIENDS, I thank you for making life merrier. 


Rama went to the forest

To keep his father’s trust.

He was about to get the throne,

Leaving all aside , he had gone.

Lakshmana was not asked to go,

But he went along with his bro.

To serve him in the forest,

To stay awake, while he rest.

Bharata came to know all this later.

He was supposed to take it over.

“This kingdom belongs to my brother”,

All did advice,but he didn’t bother.

He started all the way to forest.

Met Rama, he tried his level best.

To convince him, then he cried,

But Rama refused to abide .

These great brothers are our ideal.

But look at what happens for real.

Siblings of today even kill each other,

For silly things that make us wonder.

Our mother is earth, Father God.

We all are kids in their abode.

Let’s live our lives for each other,

Silly fights, do not bother.

The Mosquitoes


They come out when the Sun slips into the sea

They storm our homes, they are everywhere we see.

They sit on our hand, leg, neck and head

These mosquitos always suck our blood.

I raised my hand to hit one, it flew away.

It came again, but I missed the hit again.

Once again it came, but this I did not miss

It died; my blood came out from its corpse

I wonder why, it takes so much risk,

To suck my blood, again and again.

Then I understood, my blood is its life giving food

They don’t know, it hurts me when they enjoy their food.

To suck our blood is indeed mosquito’s right

To stop them, we kill them with our might

We can go on talking, who is right or wrong

Ultimately, it is mosquito which has to die.

Strength and Might rule the world we live.

Poor and weak get crushed at times.

This sounds so cruel, but this is the rule

Be strong and bold, or die like a fool.

Encounter with Almighty God

Believe me lest I shall put you in hell,

Said the Almighty God to me, a silly man.

I laughed at his antics, mocked him as well.

Will not- said I, do whatever you can.

I shall not believe in you, I said to him.

He seemed to listen me, I spoke to him.

The hell fire is ready for you, he thundered.

I told him we have fire in our Kitchen too.

My mother is always there where she cooked.

We feel like heaven when we eat it too.

Our mother is the God, who lives for me,

She never threatens us with hell or fire.

Our Good father works hard for all of us

He brought us toys when we were tots

He made us join school where we were taught,

About everything we should know for life.

My father is my God, so is my Teacher.

They never threatened us with hell or fire.

I saw an orphan kid, she was crying,

Not because she did not see the Almighty God,

She wanted a mother, father and teacher

Who will make her life worth living

One fine day she got her parents back

She rejoiced like she got heaven.

But do not worry God, I shall believe in you.

But I prefer you a fourth place, do not mind.

I see yourself in my teacher and parents.

I opt for hell after life :  for heaven on earth.

God smiled and then laughed I was taken aback,

I was testing you, he said with smile on his lips.

Your parents are your God, I am in them.

Your teachers are Gods, I am what they teach.

Your friends are God, they help you in stress.

You are my own, how will I send you to hell.

Believe me not, but live a life for them,

Fear not hell, heaven is ready for you on earth.

यह अयोध्या है , यह हमारा है !!

सुनाता हूं चरित्र अयोध्या का
हमारा वो पवित्र नगरी का
जहाँ राम जी का जन्म हुआ था
जहाँ रामराज्य का स्थापन हुआ था |

रावण का वंश नाश उन्होंने किया
अनेक दानव असुरों का भी अंत किया
उस वीर राम के एक मंदिर यहाँ था
एक विराट मंदिर हमने बनाया था |

जो लोग आज भी आतंक फैलाते हैं
वो आज नहीं कल भी थे !
अपना मत सच और दूसरा छूटा है
वो हमेशा बोलते रहते है !!

वो मुग़ल राजा ने इस राम मंदिर को तोडा
जो हिन्दू थे , उनको भी पीटा मारा
वो विराट राम मंदिर के बदले उसने
एक मस्जिद का निर्माण किया |

वो मस्जिद था हिन्दू का अपमान
हमेशा एक दर्द था उसके मन मे
एक शुब अवसर पर उसने बदला लिया
हाँ , गर्व हैं कि हमने वह तोड़ दिया |

हम बनायेंगे राम मंदिर वहीं जरूर
वो भी विराट अत्यंत विशाल सुन्दर
सोचो आज के युग हिन्दू का है
बदला लेने का समय आगया है |

जहाँ जहाँ मंदिर का नाश किया है
वहाँ वहाँ उनका पुनर्निर्माण करना है
हिंदुओं को हमेशा इक्कट्ठा रहना है
राष्ट्र पुनर्निर्माण का समय आया है |

Grammatic errors are bound to occur, and I dare not call this a poem, but something which I want to share with you, in minimum words and with maximum emotions . thank you for reading . do comment here if I deserve… जय श्री राम