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The open letter which I sent to Narendra Modi in 2011

I wrote this open letter in 2011, but was published in another blog

Dear Modiji,
Let me introduce myself , I am Ashok, am not from Gujarat, nor I know Gujarati language, have no close friends from your state, I have never visited the state too. Then you might wonder, why I should write a letter to you, I will explain in a few words. Narendra Modi, the name first striked my head, after you won the Gujarat elections of 2002 . Before that I knew only about one Narendra, who latter became world famous as Swami Vivekananda. But the 2002 election results, was celebrated here also by some organisations in Sangh Pariwar, and this was the first time, I heard about a second Narendra, and that was you..
The earthquake and riots destroyed everything Gujarat had; the loss of lives during the earthquake was as much tragic as the burning of Karsevaks in Godhra which triggered another quake in the form of communal riots. But what was more tragic, was the propaganda against you by some self-proclaimed secularists and Human right activist with the help of media and sponsored by the anti-nationals. But now Gujarat is one of the most prosperous and secure place in India. But some people still rant “ Ghost of Godhra haunts Modi”. They propagate blatant lies against you, most importantly two fundamental lies: 1) You quoted newton’s third law and 2) you did not condemn the post Godhra riots. I know about how you were misquoted out of context when you said “kriya Prathikriya ki chaal chal rahi hai” and I also know you have condemned the violence from any sides in those days itself. But media hides it deliberately from the common man, and unfortunately they are successful in their campaign against you in at least a few states outside Gujarat. This is the tragedy we are facing, the most successful leader of a state, who led it from a state of chaos to a disciplined and democratic state, a charismatic leader whose every words inspire patriotism in our hearts, is a victim of media and pseudo secular propaganda. Let me be frank enough when I tell you why I adore you? Why do you think a youngster like me who has never ever seen you or your state will see a messiah in you? That itself answers why you are called a Hriduy samrat. You may like that title or not, But you are that. In the past, Hindus were always blamed for every riots taking place in the country, it did not matter who started the riots and who are killed. But when riots happened in Gujarat, they were unfortunate, the secret of my adoration lies in the fact that you did not blame the Hindus for the riots, instead you absorbed all the evil effects it has created just like just like the Neelakandha Siva drank the poison for rescuing the entire world.
Today it is ten years completed since you became the CM of Gujarat. Now I hear about the enormous development you have done in Gujarat from my relatives and friends who visited your state, a few months ago. One of them was a critic of yours; I must say he was a victim of media propaganda, when he came back from Gujarat, first thing he said was “hey Ashok, your NaMo is truly great, just go and see what is he doing in Guj”. Another friend of mine, who I met in internet chats, said “there are no power cuts in Gujarat” and before I could reply him, the power was cut at my place. Last week I read in some news site that Gujarat sells power to neighboring states and thus gained crores . Another friend who visited Gujarat said “roads are simply superb”. One social activist informed me that you have adopted a policy of zero tolerance to corruption. One friend who is a Hindu activist said, conversions and Cow slaughter is strictly banned in Gujarat. After I hear all these, I came to a conclusion, either all these friends whom I know personally are Lying, or Gujarat has become a RamRajya, just what Gandhiji had dreamt of.
But inspite of all these , I request you to RESIGN from the post of Gujarat CM as soon as possible, because you can not be a PrimeMinister and a chief minister at the same time. So find some good leader of your caliber for Gujarat soon, and march with your golden chariot to Delhi, the Indraprasth. We need you as our leader,as our Samrat, at any cost. You becoming our prime minister is not only your duty but our right too. We do not want to be addressed as “Hindus,muslims,sikh,isai” any more, but we love your “Bhayiyon aur behnom”. We don’t want you to wear skull caps, to prove that you are secular, we love you in your current looks. The other Narendra I know, had said this century belongs to Bharath and I believe that those words will come true when the present Narendra sits in his throne, as the King of all men, King of our Hearts. This day, I only wish to tell you two words and it is “Thank You”, Do you still want to know why, then here is my answer “Thank you for being what you are”.

Thank you again,
Vande Mataram

My open rebuttal to Mrs Batra

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Dear mother,

I addressed you as “mother” for two reasons- one because you are of my mother’s age, and secondly because you are mother of the brave heart who sacrificed his life for each among us. I read your open letter to Narendra Modi. And I am not here to defend him, as he is the best person to defend himself.

On the onset, let me put it straightly to you that this open letter blog is ill drafted. I am sure the party strategists drafted it for you, because I do not believe that you will start a letter with a blatant lie as  the opening sentence.  You wrote “In your campaigning, you have used the name and slogan- yeh dil maange more- of my Sher beta.  People call him the Sher Shah of Kargil.“. With all respects to your son and our hero Vikram Batra, I humbly inform you that the slogan which you claims to be that of Vikram Batra is not actually his. It was coined by Anuja Chauhan for Pepsi Co. in the year 1998.

If your open letter started with a lie, then what follows are pure political statements. “Mr Modi, if you really care for the army and respect martyrs, a soldier’s family for you should be like God. If I were in your place, I would have withdrawn the BJP candidate who is running against me”. You are absolutely right when you say that soldiers family for us(not just Modi) should be like God. But have you seen any God fighting elections? Do Gods join any political party ? No. It seems that you have seen your political rivals just like a soldier sees another soldier across the border as his enemy. The elections in India is not a war between rivals, it is a celebration of democracy. If you deserve to win, people will elect you despite BJP fielding its candidate. See the BJP candidate who is fighting election as one among you and not as one against you.

The full reading of your open letter can be summed up like this “Dont use my son’s name and slogan, I have the right to use it. If you want to use it, withdraw your candidate against me”. It seems that you are using your Son’s name for political bargain. As a citizen of this country, I request you not to do this and not to allow anyone to use you and your Son’s name like they did this time.

 I apologise if I have hurt you in this reply letter. I need your blessings too. Hope you will correct yourself and never be mislead by your party members.

Thank You


Mr Modi, please March ahead ignoring the ugly noises

Narendra Modi after many years expressed his feelings about Gujarat riots of 2002 in his blog.  The blog came as reaction to the court verdict which upheld the SIT report which exonerated him. In his blog, Narendra Modi was seen quite defensive, but it is natural. He called the Gujarat riots of 2002 a mindless violence. You can read the full blog yourself on his website, but what touched me was this line “However, as if all the suffering was not enough, I was also accused of the death and misery of my own loved ones, my Gujarati brothers and sisters. Can you imagine the inner turmoil and shock of being blamed for the very events that have shattered you!

To those who feed their brains with the biscuits Indian media throws at them, it will not be surprising that they see this blog-post in connection with 2014 polls. But those who has not yet sold their brains to media propaganda, here are some facts which you can read here. In his interview to Prabhu Chawla, then in Aaj Tak, Narendra Modi said   The communal riots in Gujarat were unfortunate and we are sad they took place.” When asked about Muslims he said “ I don’t like to think of minority or majority communities. As far as Gujarat is concerned, its five crore population should unite to take the state forward. You should not categorise society into Hindus and Muslims but into the rich and poor in order to ascertain the level of development.”   Modi had also told Shekar Gupta, then in ndtv, during his walk the talk program, that loss of life during riots were unfortunate. 

 Rivals of Narendra Modi has come up with two theories about this blog post. One is that this blog post is not apologetic enough . Another theory is that this near apology is because he wants to somehow win 2014. It is not very surprising to see contradicting theories coming from people who are pathetically desperate to stop Narendra Modi somehow. It is true that blog by Narendra Modi is not apologetic, in fact it should not be. Narendra Modi has said umpteen times to various news channels that if he was found guilty for 2002, he should be hanged. Modi has offered himself to judicial system of this country. It is for Indian judiciary to see whether he is guilty. In fact, the SIT appointed by the apex court found that he is not. About the second theory, Narendra Modi knows better than his rivals that if he tried muslim appeasement, it will boomerang upon him. In fact he said nothing new, but the same things which he said since the days of those unfortunate riots. Rivals of Modi has a queer Idea about justice to 2002 riot victims. Narendra Modi was elected as Chief minister for the third time by the people which includes the people which his rivals claim to speak for. The Gujarat Chief Minister was found not guilty, by the SIT and it is very likely that the appellate courts will also accept this report. The way they speak against him, the way some leaders throw the filth of hatred against him, is very dangerous for a democracy like ours. Finally, I would like to suggest something to Gujarat Chief Minister and my choice as India’s next prime minister.

  • Never ever try to get more apologetic- we know that you had done the very best to stop riots at that time.
  • Please think of starting some legal cell, which will check filthy and wild imputations against you and your Government.
  • Do not speak what you did for Muslims and Hindus, we like the same old Narendra Modi who always spoke for Indians.
  • Continue your march ignoring the ugly noises that your rivals make.
  • We need you as Prime Minister. Please ensure us the you will indeed be.



False prophets of secularism

I wish a very happy Christmas to all those who are celebrating it today.  I hail from a nation where 95% of its population are not Christians. But we exchange Christmas and Easter greetings more than the Christian majority nations do. Christian theology views Hindus as Idolaters, Polytheists and heathens – but that does not stop us from celebrating Christmas. I hope that the secularism of Hindus needs not much proof than this.

I take liberty to quote a verse from Bible   “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves Matthew 7:15.” . We are living in a country where there is a huge opportunity for prophets of secularism. Many does not realise that they are communal in secular attire. This post is an attempt to expose one such false prophet of secularism- the communists.

The following is a screenshot of Today’s (25-12-2013) communist mouthpiece in Kerala- named Deshabhimani ( meaning : patriot). You can see a colourful front page with a santa’s picture wishing its readers a “Happy Christmas”. Not only that, they have an article in their edit page too.


Not only Deshabhimani, every other newspapers in Kerala has wished its readers a Happy Christmas. Even the so called Hindu Nationalist BJP’s mouthpiece “Janmabhumi”  has.


Now, check the first page of leading news daily of Kerala “Mathrubhumi” on August 28th, 2013. You can see a Little Sreekrishna picture on the right side. August 28th was day when Kerala celebrated Sree Krishna Jayanthi- Janmashtami


Normal logic would imply that the mouthpiece of prophets of secularism should also wish their readers a happy Sree Krishna Jayanthi too. But check Deshabhimani newspaper of that day. There is no mention about that.



I know the above expose is too silly, but the debates on secularism in our country  are much sillier. Here wearing a skull cap makes you secular, and calling oneself a Hindu makes you non secular. Sharing dais with Muslim leaders accused of terrorism makes you secular, but talking about Hindus accused of terrorism languishing in jail makes you communal.  The communist meeting held last month asked its Hindu comrades not to do Ganapathy poojan- but the same party allowed the muslim comrades to do namaz at their meeting place. When such silly things happen in our political circles, you can excuse me of writing this silly post which expose their silliness.





Holier than Thou

Aam Aadmi Party was able to sweep 28 seats of Delhi, and their leader Aravind Kejriwal said “For the first time in the history of India, people have voted for a honest party.” Anyone who hears him will think that his party has been voted to a majority, such was his “Victory” speech. The election results in reality was that BJP getting 31 seats , AAP coming second with 28 seats and CON reducing itself to a single digit, its lowest tally ever.

While I should congratulate Arvind Kejriwal for successfully using an apolitical anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare for a political campaign and self-projection.  It will be outrageous not to credit him for his courage to stand against a chief minister who ruled Delhi for fifteen years and defeating her. But when I say all these, I am really fed up with arrogance and Holier than Thou attitude emanating from him and his supporters.For the first time in the history of India, people voted for a honest party, claims Kejriwal. There are a dozen parties in India which got voted to power and all of them claimed they were honest.  For example NTR got 202 seats out of 289 in Andhra, Telugu Desham party stormed to power within nine months of its formation in the 1983 Assembly elections, thus forming the first non-Congress government in Andhra Pradesh. Assam Gana Parishad is another example of such an anti-Congress wave.  Compared to the achievements of TDP and AGP who rode to power over an anti-congress wave, AAP looks small.

People of all times vote for the party which they think are Honest. They voted for BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and C’Garh because they thought they are honest. When an incumbent party is voted to majority for the second and third time, it is safe to assume that it is because the Government led by it has rose to their expectations. That is why Gujarat, C’Garh and Madhya Pradesh saw BJP coming back to power in the last two assembly elections there.

Arvind Kejriwal said people have rejected Congress and BJP in these elections. It is quite true that the people who voted Congress party for keeping “communal” BJP out of power has voted overwhelmingly to AAP this time. But then had the people of Delhi rejected BJP like they rejected CON, it would not have got 31 seats. Sincere analysis would prove that BJP and AAP together have made people reject CON.

I was quite surprised to see Media focussing on Delhi results which indicate a hung assembly, instead of fantabulous performance by BJP in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Which another party has achieved this feat of getting 80% seats in recent times? But media chose to ignore it because that suited their agenda. Many Marxist friends of mine were quite enthusiastic to commend AAP’s rise in Delhi, and they saw a “Change” in him. But they chose not to see the “Change” in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and C’Garh. So be it.




Andhra Government promotes Christian culture officially ?

Imagine the hue and cry if Narendra Modi talks the H word- the whole nation will debate his majoritarian communalism. If BJP promotes Sanskrit or Yoga, it is also communalism.  But accidentally I saw a website maintained by Andhra Pradesh Government which is named  We have minority ministry for centre and state, but never knew in Andhra Pradesh there is a special status for Christians. Contents of the site would prove the status enjoyed by Christian minority in Andhra.

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The following welcome note can be read in the website itself.

The Andhra Pradesh State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation has been formed in November 2008. The main objective of the corporation is to assist the Christians community for their socio-economic development in collaboration with Banks and other Development Agencies. The Source of funding for the corporate is from Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Three conclusions can be reached easily from above note

  1. Congress Government under YSR started it in 2008. In April 2009 assembly elections were held. This corporation was set up to woo Christian vote bank.
  2. Main objective of the corporation is to assist the Christian community.  Not even minority community, Christian community need a special assistance?
  3. The funding of this corporate is by Government of Andhra Pradesh. Public money for blatantly communal corporation?

As we move on we can read about the schemes by this corporation, they are

  • Christian Mass Marriages
  • Pre Matric Scholarships (Government of AP)
  • Post Matric Scholarships (Government of AP)
  • Tuition Fee Reimbursement (Government of AP)
  • Pre Matric Scholarships (Government of India)
  • Post Matric Scholarships (Government of India)
  • Merit-Cum-Means Scholarships (Government of India)
  • Training, Employment and Placement
  • Free Coaching for Competitive Examinations
  • Subsidy for Bank Linked Income Generation Schemes
  • Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem ( Stopped due to High Court Stay Order)
  • Financial Assistance for Construction/ Renovation/ Repairs to Churches (Stopped due to High Court Stay Order)
  • Financial Assistance to Christian Hospitals, School Buildings, Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Community Halls-cum-Youth and Resource Centers; and for Youth Awareness Programmes and promotion of Christian Culture.

Those in un- bolded letters are quite common to see in most of the states. But I am yet to see Christian only scholarships in any other states. But the “schemes” above in bolded letters needs quite elaboration.

Till 2009, Andhra Goyt used to give subsidy to Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem. In July 2009, The HC stayed the state funding of subsidy. It seems that the court has vacated the stay, but the website says it has been stopped.

It is worth noting that the Andhra Government has a financial assistance scheme, which is perhaps still continuing, to promote Christian culture. Why should any Government which vow on secularism promote Christian culture with state funds? Does not it tantamount to saying that Christianity is state religion of Andhra? What if BJP says it would promote Hindu culture?

There is another scheme to felicitate eminent Christians in Andhra? A Secular Government felicitating eminent personalities of a particular religion only? Following is the notification of that scheme

A P State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation, Minorities Welfare Department, Government of AP solicits nominations from Heads of Churches, Christian Institutions, Community Leaders etc., for felicitating eminent Christians who have excelled in different fields of life and rendered exemplary services for the last 10 years in secular areas like 1) Social Work (2) Education (3) Literature (4) Medicine (5) Fine Arts/Theatre at the time of Christmas High Tea Programme hosted by the Government of AP through General Administration Department during December 2013. Those selected will be felicitated with a cash award of Rs.10,000/- along with a plaque in recognition of their services.


The majority-minority concept in India itself is a flawed one. Minority protection presupposes a strong, proselyting and united majority. But in India Hindus are not a united majority, instead they are divided into groups and subgroups. Here the majority community is a collection of thousands of minority groups who are less in number than Muslims and Christians.  Hinduism is not a proselyting religion which propagate that other religions are false.

The above schemes are perfect examples of how blatantly communal and discriminatory schemes which are unconstitutional are introduced in the name of secularism. Secularism nowadays, is even a defence to rape for some eminent journalist accused of rape.  It is quite sad to see Congress party, which is vocal on “secularism” is engaging in raping the constitution of India.




How and why Indira Gandhi who was PM in 1971 got Bharat Ratna in 1971 ?


It all started with a curiosity. I was just going through the list of Bharat Ratna awardees where I saw three of the six Nehru-Gandhi family members are in it.  Nehru got it in 1955, Indira got it in 1971 and Rajiv got it in 1991. In Home ministry site there is a note which says Bharat Ratna is awarded in recognition of exceptional service/performance of the highest order in any field of human endeavour. The recommendations for Bharat Ratna are made by the Prime Minister himself to the President.  Then I checked who the Prime Ministers were in 1955, 1971 and 1991.  PMO website claims that Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister in 1955, Indira was in 1971. That naturally leads to these questions?

  1. Did Jawaharlal Nehru recommend himself for Bharat Ratna in 1955?
  2. Did Indira Gandhi recommend herself for Bharat Ratna in 1971?

Although the facts above make it obvious, I sent an RTI to PMO India. It took more than two months for PMO to reply this question. And the answers were these. One of my questions was whether it is the Prime Minister himself who make recommendations of Bharat Ratna. They replied it in affirmative. Then I asked them who got Bharat Ratna in 1955 and 1971.  They said Nehru and Indira got it respectively. I further asked who recommended Bharat Ratna for Nehru and Indira and what were their achievements? To this question, they said there are no records for this. Since replies to question 2 and 3 leads to the conclusion that Nehru and Indira recommended themselves for Bharat Ratna – I confirmed my doubts. I have sent another RTI yesterday (23rd November), this time to President Secretariat, where I have asked these questions.

  • What were the exceptional service/performance of the highest order by Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi for which they were awarded Bharat Ratna?
  • What was the exceptional service/performance of the highest order by Rajiv Gandhi for which he was awarded Bharat Ratna in 1991?
  • How many politicians are awarded Bharat Ratna of which how many belong to congress party ?
  • Which prime minister recommended name of Indira Gandhi in 1971 for Bharat Ratna
  • Which prime minister recommended name of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1955 for Bharat Ratna
  • What are the procedure/criteria for recognizing exceptional service/performance of Bharat Ratna   Awardees?

Jawaharlal Nehru was associated with freedom struggle. Political differences apart, there is no absurdity in awarding him a Bharat Ratna. But what had Indira Gandhi done till 1971 to be awarded with highest civilian award? PMO in their RTI reply claimed that they have no information available on record about the achievements of Nehru and Indira. I just looked at Biography to find out what were the public services by Indira Gandhi till 1971. Wikipedia says

  1. Indira was born in 1917.
  2. In the 1950s, Indira, now Mrs. Indira Gandhi after her marriage, served her father Jawaharlal Nehru (then Prime Minister) unofficially as a personal assistant.
  3. After her father’s death in 1964 she was appointed as a member of the Rajya Sabha (upper house) and became a member of Lal Bahadur Shastri’s cabinet as Minister of Information and Broadcasting.
  4. Indira became Prime Minister in 1966; the Congress was split in two factions.
  5. Nationalization of Banks
  6. India Pakistan war in December 1971 (not sure whether recommendations are made before or after 1971 December)

In her public life till 1971, I could not find any single notable achievement by Indira Gandhi. If serving as Prime Minister for a five year term qualifies for the Bharat Ratna award? Then why was not this precedent followed for all the Prime Ministers of India? I am waiting for the reply from President Secretariat which I hope will clear all these ambiguities. Till then we can draw our own conclusions.

PS :

1. This DNA article says Indira Gandhi awarded herself Bharat Ratna in 1971

2. Outlook Article which says Indira Gandhi gave herself the Bharat Ratna.

3. TOI Article claims V V Giri bypassed all norms to recommend Indira Gandhi for the Bharat Ratna after the Bangladesh war

4. Ivarta Blog also says Nehru and Indira awarded Bharat Ratna themselves

I am reproducing a critical comment here and my reply to it.

“Excerpts from aforementioned Speech of Dr. rajendra Prasad on July 15th , 1955 after return of Pandit Nehru from the grand Europe trip – “In doing so, for once, I may be said to be acting unconstitutionally, as I am taking this step on my own initiative and without any recommendation or advice from my Prime Minister; but I know that my action will be endorsed most enthusiastically…”

About the contention the author of the blog makes in assuming 5 yr span or 1971 as ridiculously small contributions – he/she has made sure that his/her limits are not just mediocre & indoctrinated sense of curiosity . 1971 carved out a country , gave an insight into what is a just system of treating PoWs , strengthened our positioning against the US bullying – & surprisingly it was also one of the very few moments when the varied confusions around legitimacy , sovereignty ,Human Rights /Religious identities didn’t stop Indira from having the clarity that was needed. AB Vajp. hailed her as Durga after this .

And as in Nehru’ (Indira’)s Case , here too , another gentleman named V V Giri did the lobbying.”

I thank Abhishek Verma (the one who made the above quoted comment) for educating me on this aspect. Presidents of India during 1955 and 1971, i.e. Dr Rajendra Prasad and Sri VV Giri, acting unconstitutionally awarded  the then Prime Ministers Nehru and Indira , the Bharat Ratna.  What needs to be also noted, very curiously , is that the same Prime ministers, Nehru and Indira recommended the same Presidents (who awarded them Bharat Ratna) for Bharat Ratna in 1962 and 1975 respectively.