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Barkha and co stalks another journo

Ravi Shankar ,a journalist tweets,…

Two other journalists Barkha Dutt and

Raheel expresses out rage.. They

complain to Prabhu Chawla,NIE editor..

Prabhu Chawla,NIE editor.. replies them..

Your opinions ???


2 Comments on “Barkha and co stalks another journo”

  1. Krishna says:

    Thanks Nationalizer! We now know who is with the Prime Media Shoorpanika!

  2. Gururaj S. (@equateall) says:

    I got to watch this Twitter-war today and its fun. Got involved in a small way, when I (@equateall) tweeted to @etteth pointing out the interactions between RaheelK and Barkha (I was surprised they were taking offence to what Ravi said on Kashmir) got to see her go around to Prabhu, and then all that stuff. In another tweet Kiranmanral, she writes: “actually the fact that he exists is a tragedy. the fact that he is an editor is a farce”

    I replied to them and shared with Ravi also. “@BDUTT @kiranmanral Wow! What do u want to do when u say ‘..the fact that he exists is a tragedy…’? Implied threat?? @etteth @mediacrooks ”
    I am amazed how low is their tolerance to an alternate view point. People in media got to listen to any alternate thought. We saw her miserable performance on NDTV studio trial of hers on Radiagate. She simply lost cool so many times in the show.

    In the name of moderation, they censor alternate views (even when they are NOT abusive) or delay publishing it.

    End of it all, she gifted me by BLOCKING me! But, that does not stop me from tweeting to her. I can always follow her or get her tweets by somebody who follows her. The only way for a person who does not believe in freedom of expression, is to SHUT their twitter account! Stop transacting with people, if they can’t listen to people without losing their cool.

    So much for freedom of expression and democracy! Thank you, Barkha.

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