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NDTV always see Trouble for BJP



Do you think there is a huge difference  between Congress and BJP numbers of MPs having criminal cases against them ? Here is the list …

SO BJP has only one more than Congress and that makes NDTV think BJP is in trouble  !!





3 Comments on “NDTV always see Trouble for BJP”

  1. Keerthi.N says:

    But in contrast the UPA MPs have more Criminal Charges against them as opposed to NDA MPs, and those criminal charges on some of the BJP MPs is just fake, because Narendra Modi and Advani also have charges against them but the police still cannot find any evidences against them, and these are done by our so called Human rights messiah/NGOs, and the people are dead scared to complain against any congress or the allies in police station, as the police will not file an FIR even if there is evidence of criminality against them. So, in short UPA has more criminals than NDA.

  2. vignesh says:

    BSP only 6??

  3. sudhanshu says:

    For congress numbers seems be in wrong column. only 41?

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