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Muslim appeasement of Congress is nothing new, UK records prove this


A document classified as secret, reveals the following sentence…



“the Governors say that the Ministers were not only not communal-minded but that they acted impartially; indeed, in some cases they went out of their way towards giving preference to the Muslims, so that in the United Provinces they were accused by the Hindus of partiality to Muslims. The Ministers, too, were not personally unpopular with Muslims, nor did the Ministers discourage Muslim communal interests as in educational and religious matters. In some cases, where Muslim susceptibilities were offended, as in Madras, by the singing of ” Bande Mataram ” at the beginning of the Legislative sittings, the Ministry was quick to make amends. It is obvious, too, that Muslims must have shared the benefits accruing from the general policy of the Congress towards the tenantry as well as from prohibition and the abatement of usury.”




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