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The stones are ready

Brooding on the objects of senses, man develops attachment to them; from attachment comes desire and from desire anger.From anger comes delusion, from delusion, confused memory, and thereby, the ruin of reason and the man perishes with this ruin of reason.” (Srimad Bhagavad Gita : 2-62,63)

This sentence is true in case of every man, but in case of some ideologies as well , one of those ideologies, is I slam, which will be explained as you read on.

When we see the fate of many Islamic countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, which were once populated with non-Muslim pagans, we can compare their fate with the last line of this shlokah “Budhinashath Pranashyathi”. How did the reason got ruined in those countries? Sri Krishna says, due to delusion, a false belief held with absolute conviction despite superior evidence. From where did this delusion come from? .From anger, from hatred, and from where the anger and hatred comes? That is what I am to expose through this book.

There were many wars fought in this world, mainly for land and its resources, the Bhagavad Gita is taught to Arjuna which inspired him to do his duty, to fight against his own brothers, who were adharmi’s to the core. Mahabharatha war was not between any religion, nor any races, it is between the Dharmic and Adharmic forces, which has no relation in the faith they followed. Many world wars we have seen, but none, were for the religion, it was purely to capture land and its resources. But when war was mixed with the faith, with a delusion that his religion is only true, the others are false, it became deadly. The church in Europe, and the Islam in Asia, was the main players of this deadly war, which continues even today, we are living in a warzone, even if we do not know that we are in.

Like Arjuna lectured to Sri Krishna, about the humanity, even said, I would love to be killed, rather than killing them, Sri Krishna saidPrajnamvadamshca Bhashaseyou are speaking as if you are wise. The new Arjunas are seculars, liberals, who underestimate the power of destruction the anti-Hindu forces possess. To them, we all should speak like Sri Krishna who said,

“My dear Arjuna, how have these impurities come upon you? They are not at all befitting a man who knows the progressive values of life. They do not lead to higher planets, but to infamy”

But this hatred against the ideology which hates us, can lead to more dangerous wars and violence. Remember, only few months ago, an anti-Islamic terrorist, killed hundreds of liberals, whom he thought, would weaken the fight again Islamic terrorism. The Islamist ideology, has two faces, it produces terrorists not only on its side, but also on the opposite side as well. So my purpose through this book, is to educate you about the dangerous ideas in Islam, and am not asking you to hate the followers nor to physically or mentally abuse them.

Many Hindu texts are criticized by Hindus and non-Hindus, and are accused of being castist, and false stories. But the Islamists never realised they were throwing stones, themselves sitting in a glass house. For every stone thrown to defame Hindu structure, the same stones will be collected and thrown back to their glass house. You may throw a thousand stones at us, but one among us will throw back a single stone, which will be enough to bring down the glass house called Islam. So the stone is in my hands now.. Wait and watch.


4 Comments on “The stones are ready”

  1. Karmasura says:

    “The Islamist ideology, has two faces, it produces terrorists not only on its side, but also on the opposite side as well.” Please elaborate or reword the statement. Are you talking about secularists and apologetics that it creates in the communities that it wishes to target?

    Like the usage of verses, and this was something I intended to do for a long time but could not do because of my busy schedule. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mamta Nigam says:

    Intersting,Waiting for facts to come.

  3. Rikil K Shah says:

    I am ready for it. Until now my philosophy was,”Insan bura hota hai, Dharam nahi” but now I will change it to,”Insan aur Islam bura hota hai, dharam nai”

    I just can’t imagine what kind of damages these two religions,Islam and Christian, have done to humanity.Numerous murders and wars and rapes are just brainchild of this religions !

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