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Foreign Fund Analysis

The tables and datas are put here,and I expect you to analyse them and realise what is happening around you..


Below is the list for top Donor organisations (MEA website)



Most of them are christian organisation with exceptions of a few hindu orgs like sathya sai and amrithanandamayi, now the organisation of my interest was GOSPEL for ASIA. I visited their site and I found these..

Who We Are?

Our ministry is about changing lives—both for this life and for eternity.We are committed as a family of believers to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with lost men, women and children throughout Asia who have still not heard His precious name.We are also fully dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished souls through everything from our Compassion Services to Bridge of Hope and literacy programs to medical care.Together, we can be a part of what God is powerfully doing in the lives He has called us to reach.

What We Do

The primary aim of Gospel for Asia’s ministry is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who have never before heard His name.

The website laments….

But the harsh reality is that 2.7 billion people of our generation are still unreached with the Gospel. What answers are we prepared to give to the living God when He asks about the blood of these multitudes on our hands?


Now,here are the top RECIPENT associations,


Believers church is another wing of gospel for asia, but KERALA HC says this



We would like to know what are the OTHER purposes , and why is it so much greater when compared to listed ones ?



NOW you all would like to read this


One Comment on “Foreign Fund Analysis”

  1. Jai Kishen Dhaundiyal says:

    We have only the utter callousness of our corrupt and blindly self – seeking ruling eliites and their lackies (whcih includes me, you our friends, neighbours, colleagues, all of us genteel and enlightened city folks, in short) who are obssessed with nothing else except our bank accounts, investments, luxury acquisitions, etc, to blame for this state of affairs. Of course the missionaries and western funded organisations are single-mindedlly going about their business of ‘saving souls for Christ’, but they succeed only because we let around 70 to 80% of our benghted people survive on less than Rs 11 per day, in abyssymal conditions of health, sanitation, food- supply, nutirion, housing, drainage, social and caste discrimination, fuel supply and communication & transport. And the best thing is that things are getting worse by the day.
    In fact, if anything, these people need to be thankful to those western church groups and fund providers for the visible fact that their missions end up improving their miserable and hellish conditons by provision of some decent relief in their alienated lives, specially in such areas as health, education, social acceptance and self worth. If they end up ridding themselves of an ancient, exploitative, superstion-bound and unequality generating Hinduism in the orocess, well good for them!

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