The open letter which I sent to Narendra Modi in 2011

I wrote this open letter in 2011, but was published in another blog

Dear Modiji,
Let me introduce myself , I am Ashok, am not from Gujarat, nor I know Gujarati language, have no close friends from your state, I have never visited the state too. Then you might wonder, why I should write a letter to you, I will explain in a few words. Narendra Modi, the name first striked my head, after you won the Gujarat elections of 2002 . Before that I knew only about one Narendra, who latter became world famous as Swami Vivekananda. But the 2002 election results, was celebrated here also by some organisations in Sangh Pariwar, and this was the first time, I heard about a second Narendra, and that was you..
The earthquake and riots destroyed everything Gujarat had; the loss of lives during the earthquake was as much tragic as the burning of Karsevaks in Godhra which triggered another quake in the form of communal riots. But what was more tragic, was the propaganda against you by some self-proclaimed secularists and Human right activist with the help of media and sponsored by the anti-nationals. But now Gujarat is one of the most prosperous and secure place in India. But some people still rant “ Ghost of Godhra haunts Modi”. They propagate blatant lies against you, most importantly two fundamental lies: 1) You quoted newton’s third law and 2) you did not condemn the post Godhra riots. I know about how you were misquoted out of context when you said “kriya Prathikriya ki chaal chal rahi hai” and I also know you have condemned the violence from any sides in those days itself. But media hides it deliberately from the common man, and unfortunately they are successful in their campaign against you in at least a few states outside Gujarat. This is the tragedy we are facing, the most successful leader of a state, who led it from a state of chaos to a disciplined and democratic state, a charismatic leader whose every words inspire patriotism in our hearts, is a victim of media and pseudo secular propaganda. Let me be frank enough when I tell you why I adore you? Why do you think a youngster like me who has never ever seen you or your state will see a messiah in you? That itself answers why you are called a Hriduy samrat. You may like that title or not, But you are that. In the past, Hindus were always blamed for every riots taking place in the country, it did not matter who started the riots and who are killed. But when riots happened in Gujarat, they were unfortunate, the secret of my adoration lies in the fact that you did not blame the Hindus for the riots, instead you absorbed all the evil effects it has created just like just like the Neelakandha Siva drank the poison for rescuing the entire world.
Today it is ten years completed since you became the CM of Gujarat. Now I hear about the enormous development you have done in Gujarat from my relatives and friends who visited your state, a few months ago. One of them was a critic of yours; I must say he was a victim of media propaganda, when he came back from Gujarat, first thing he said was “hey Ashok, your NaMo is truly great, just go and see what is he doing in Guj”. Another friend of mine, who I met in internet chats, said “there are no power cuts in Gujarat” and before I could reply him, the power was cut at my place. Last week I read in some news site that Gujarat sells power to neighboring states and thus gained crores . Another friend who visited Gujarat said “roads are simply superb”. One social activist informed me that you have adopted a policy of zero tolerance to corruption. One friend who is a Hindu activist said, conversions and Cow slaughter is strictly banned in Gujarat. After I hear all these, I came to a conclusion, either all these friends whom I know personally are Lying, or Gujarat has become a RamRajya, just what Gandhiji had dreamt of.
But inspite of all these , I request you to RESIGN from the post of Gujarat CM as soon as possible, because you can not be a PrimeMinister and a chief minister at the same time. So find some good leader of your caliber for Gujarat soon, and march with your golden chariot to Delhi, the Indraprasth. We need you as our leader,as our Samrat, at any cost. You becoming our prime minister is not only your duty but our right too. We do not want to be addressed as “Hindus,muslims,sikh,isai” any more, but we love your “Bhayiyon aur behnom”. We don’t want you to wear skull caps, to prove that you are secular, we love you in your current looks. The other Narendra I know, had said this century belongs to Bharath and I believe that those words will come true when the present Narendra sits in his throne, as the King of all men, King of our Hearts. This day, I only wish to tell you two words and it is “Thank You”, Do you still want to know why, then here is my answer “Thank you for being what you are”.

Thank you again,
Vande Mataram

One thought on “The open letter which I sent to Narendra Modi in 2011

  1. Next 100 Days

    Dear Narendrabhai ,

    You have talked your way to power – calling yourself , ” Mazdoor # 1 ”

    Now , it is time to ” Walk the Talk ”

    People of India have taught a lesson to the party which called you ,

    ” Merchant of Death ( Maut Ka Saudaagar ) ”

    They believe you to be ” Merchant of Dreams ( Sapno Ka Saudaagar ) ”

    Of course , no one expects any miracle to happen on the ground , in the next 100 days

    But the decisions that your Cabinet takes – and transparently communicates to the people – in the next 100 days , will tell them , whether your Government is any different than UPA-2

    Here are the decisions that people expect :


    * Appoint Central Lok Pal
    * Appoint ( where missing ) , Lok Ayuktas in BJP controlled States
    * Appoint Special Fast-Track Courts to try within 1 year , criminally-
    charged MPs / MLAs / Bureaucrats / Politicians / Businessmen


    * Introduce Amnesty Scheme , for monies invested in Infrastructure SPVs
    * Amend Personal Income Tax to Inverse Taxation Regime , where the
    incremental tax rates keep going DOWN in each higher slab
    * De-monetize Rs 1000 currency notes


    * Amend Corporate Tax Regime , with incrementally reducing tax-rates
    for Companies with higher employee-strength
    * Introduce ” Accelerated Depreciation ” for investment in Capital Assets.
    Capital Goods industry is the Mother of all industries
    * Focus on creating ” Self-Employment ” thru tax-breaks for self-employed
    * Low interest loans for self – employed


    * Industrialists / businessmen will not come forward to make huge
    investments in North-East , in absence of excellent infrastructure of
    roads / rails etc

    All private investments made here must be tax-free for 25 years


    * Today’s labour laws make it extremely difficult – if not impossible – for employers to layoff / retrench workmen , if demand shrinks

    * Employers are unlikely to hire thousands of youth , if they cannot easily trim the workforce , to match the shrinking demand

    * So , an important corollary of any Job Generation Scheme is to modify our existing Labour Laws to facilitate layoff / retrenchment , when situation so demands , while protecting the interests of the workmen concerned


    * What is responsible for keeping 28.7 Crores of Indians illiterate ( 37 % of World’s illiterate ) , 66 years after independence ?

    * Ans : Lack of educational infrastructure consisting of Schools / Colleges /
    Equipments / Qualified Teachers .. etc

    * Solution ?

    Push for E-education thru online delivery of subject-matter thru tablets


    Ask each concerned Minister , to publish within 100 days, on Ministry’s web site , PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PLANS , for the following :

    * Food Security Bill

    * Connecting 2.5 lakh panchayats thru broadband

    * Aakash Tablets for 220 million students

    * Delivery of Services Act

    * Aadhar Identification Card

    * Electoral Reforms / Right to Recall

    * CAG audit of Private Companies using Government resources

    * 4G Wireless Internet all over India

    * Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor

    * Amritsar-Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor

    * Natural Resources Allocation Policy

    * Political Party’s Funds under RTI scrutiny

    * Liberalization in FDI ( Entire economy – not just retail )

    * Government funding of Elections

    * Interlinking of Major Rivers

    * ” India Post Bank ” with 139,040 branches in Rural areas

    * Bank A/C for every adult by 2016

    * Divestment / Closure of loss-making / bleeding PSUs

    * Imparting skills to 500 million youth ( NSDC )

    * Sulabh Sauchalaya ( Remember “Sauchalay before Devalaya ” ? )

    Dear Narendrabhai ,

    Do provide a ROAD-MAP ( with clearly defined mile-stones ) of how you intend to translate your DREAMS into REALITY

    with regards ,

    hemen parekh ( 17 May 2014 / Mumbai )

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